Collection of Michelle Sugar Art Vidoes from PR Projects, Viral videos, the making of and TV interviews.

Heathrow Gingerbread Airport

London, UK

Mr Kipling's Giant BFG Cake Sculpture

London, UK

Floating Teapot Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers) s2E27

Flight Simulator Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers) s2e22

Wedding Dress Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers) s2e15

JellyFish Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers) s2E13

Steam Train Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers)

Portrait Painting Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers)

Pop Up Book Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers)

Michelle Sugar Art Featured in BBC One Show

BBC One Show

Dark Horse Wine Optical Illusion Painting


KerryGold's Giant Meadow Cake

Finsbury Avenue Square - London

The Creation of Adam in Cake Sprinkles "The Baking of Adam" Timelapse

St. Pancras Church - London

Mr Kipling's Giant Edible Billboard

Westfield Shopping Centre - London

Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr. Gatchet in Jelly Beans

Elements Shopping Centre - Hong Kong

Big Ben Anamorphic Sweet Art

Aéroville Shopping Centre in Paris

Mr Kipling's Edible Billboard Timelapse

Westfield Shopping Centre - London

Morisanchu Japanese TV visit to Michelle Sugar Art

West Sussex UK

Oreo unveils the queen of pop-traits


Toblerone marks Prince William's First Father's Day


Covent Garden Giant Cup Cake to feed 2000 people

Covent Garden - London

Michelle Wibowo featured in ITV Alan Titchmarsh Show

ITV - London

Gino D'Acampo Birthday Cake - Let's do lunch with Gino and Mel

ITV - London

Michelle Wibowo featured in Channel 4 Sunday Brunch

Channel 4 - London

Sweet Art Exhibition at Imperial Hotel (Tokyo TV)

Tokyo - Japan

Royal Couple sculpted into a wedding cake

Ideal Home Show - London

Culinary Olympic 2008 Interview with UKTV Market Kitchen

UKTV - London

The Making of Dodo Bird Cake

The Making of Suckling Pig Cake

The Making of Super Mario Bros Cake

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