Collection of Michelle Sugar Art Vidoes from PR Projects, Viral videos, the making of and TV interviews.

Flight Simulator Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers) s2e22

Wedding Dress Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers) s2e15

JellyFish Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers) s2E13

Steam Train Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers)

Portrait Painting Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers)

Pop Up Book Cake

Channel 4 (Extreme Cake Makers)

Michelle Sugar Art Featured in BBC One Show

BBC One Show

Dark Horse Wine Optical Illusion Painting


KerryGold's Giant Meadow Cake

Finsbury Avenue Square - London

The Creation of Adam in Cake Sprinkles "The Baking of Adam" Timelapse

St. Pancras Church - London

Mr Kipling's Giant Edible Billboard

Westfield Shopping Centre - London

Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr. Gatchet in Jelly Beans

Elements Shopping Centre - Hong Kong

Big Ben Anamorphic Sweet Art

Aéroville Shopping Centre in Paris

Mr Kipling's Edible Billboard Timelapse

Westfield Shopping Centre - London

Morisanchu Japanese TV visit to Michelle Sugar Art

West Sussex UK

Oreo unveils the queen of pop-traits


Toblerone marks Prince William's First Father's Day


Covent Garden Giant Cup Cake to feed 2000 people

Covent Garden - London

Michelle Wibowo featured in ITV Alan Titchmarsh Show

ITV - London

Gino D'Acampo Birthday Cake - Let's do lunch with Gino and Mel

ITV - London

Michelle Wibowo featured in Channel 4 Sunday Brunch

Channel 4 - London

Sweet Art Exhibition at Imperial Hotel (Tokyo TV)

Tokyo - Japan

Royal Couple sculpted into a wedding cake

Ideal Home Show - London

Culinary Olympic 2008 Interview with UKTV Market Kitchen

UKTV - London

The Making of Dodo Bird Cake

The Making of Suckling Pig Cake

The Making of Super Mario Bros Cake

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